From the great heights of Sands Infinit, you see the horizon extending into infinity. You notice the calm, unhurried backwaters. You look around and imagine a powerful business ecosystem coming to life. You look beyond to Kochi, a city brimming with possibilities. You close your eyes and catch a glimpse of professionals with a purpose. This is it. This is where your business should be. This is the next level. This is where you experience limitless. Sands Infinit.
Limitless may seem like a grand promise to make - but it really isn't. Because most businesses today are a product of their environment. If what's around you is unconnected, uninspiring and unsustainable, your business is bound to have its limits. That's why we designed Sands Infinit to be limitless. So every idea, every possibility, and every opportunity finds expression in an outcome that propels your business forward.
Kochi has always enjoyed the distinction of being a thriving hub of business over the centuries. And today, the city is reinventing itself as the new destination for IT/ITeS businesses and e-commerce startups.

Kochi holds exciting new possibilities for businesses. Unlike other cities that emerged as business destinations in the past and became chaotic eventually, Kochi maintains a perfect balance. The city doesn’t shut its doors to businesses with saturated spaces, hectic traffic, skyrocketing rents, and high-stress lifestyles. On the contrary, it is where unhurried backwaters and information superhighways coexist in perfect synergy.

In addition to excellent road, metro rail, air and sea connectivity, Kochi offers strong government support, a rich talent pool, and a growing digital ecosystem. It is poised to be an IT/ITeS hotspot and become a key driver of business.
With the advent of Kochi as the next-generation business hub, the government of Kerala is facilitating the ideal environment to make the city investor-friendly. SmartCity Kochi is a major step towards the initiative.

SmartCity Kochi enjoys multiple benefits including SEZ status, rapid approvals, a business-ready ecosystem and strong government support. It will have the most reliable ICT infrastructure in Kochi that can meet the technical demands of mission-critical digital operations.

The modern campus at SmartCity Kochi will have ready-to-operate, modern, fully serviced commercial spaces catering to knowledge-based enterprises and a diverse mix of businesses that are at the heart of the economy.
Innovative design and state-of-the-art architecture make Sands Infinit an unmistakeable presence. With over 30 storeys, two distinctive towers, and smart technology, Sands Infinit is a self-sustaining ecosystem where business facility fuses with urban amenity.
Imagine working from landscaped gardens with complete Wi-Fi connectivity and power access. Or sipping a hot cup of coffee at your cubicle with a breathtaking view of Kochi's cityscape across the river. Inside the office or outside, Infinit has sights and experiences to inspire, and technology to keep you connected.
Get ready to experience a new standard in functionality. An optimal structural grid and efficient layout ensure that you feel space all around, and yet, no space goes wasted. With wide open spaces, well-lit areas, optimal floor-to-ceiling height, and ideal placement of core areas with 360º views ensure that you have a contemporary open office work culture while reducing cost per seat.
Sustainability manifests in every form at Sands Infinit - whether it's environment, campus policy, or technology. Never will you go a day without experiencing the beauty of nature's diversity. A stroll on campus is free of the humming and honking of cars - all traffic is underground. And completely renewable energy is what will power the campus. Green and smart, Sands Infinit will be LEED Platinum certified.
Sands Infinit is a confluence of cultures that promotes a truly global outlook. The international business lounge on the 21st floor is a place where senior delegates will feel right at home. It will have exclusively designed relaxation spaces, concierge services, a business centre, multi-function meeting rooms, a conference centre, and a host of high-tech facilities to cater to varied business needs.
The blurring line between work spaces and life spaces defines modern-day work culture. Sands Infinit epitomises this culture. Here, one can leave their kid at the crèche before proceeding to work, or go shopping during a break. While the food court serves the best of cuisines from around the world, the calorie-conscious can burn what they have acquired over an afternoon of indulgence at the gymnasium.
  • Conference spaces
  • Business lounge On 21st floor
  • Accommodates 4500 cars
  • Special parking for differently-abled
  • Food court
  • Supermarket
  • Creche
  • Gymnasium
  • Multi-cuisine f&b outlets
  • Wi-fi campus
  • Green technology & low resource consumption
  • Monitoring of critical systems - heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and plumbing
  • Intelligent lighting and 100% operation of lighting system via renewable energy
  • Public address system
  • Fire fighting system with fire-tenders placed inside the campus
  • Intelligent & addressable fire detection systems
  • Best-in-class security
Sharoon Shamsuddin is a technology-driven dynamic entrepreneur. Sands Group stems from Sharoon's vision of bringing different streams of businesses together. Today, the company runs operations across a spectrum of verticals including construction, retail, F&B, ICT, manufacturing and distribution across the Middle East and India.

In 2012, Sharoon launched Isyx Technologies, an IT solutions and managed services company. Under his leadership, the company has achieved rapid growth, with a wide portfolio of offerings, a large client base, and multiple acquisitions. Sharoon’s passion for new challenges led to the establishment of Sands International Group, one of the fastest growing distributors of retail electronic products for large global brands.
Sharoon has forayed into the manufacturing industry and is in the process of creating one of the most advanced manufacturing plants in the region to produce eco-friendly plastic products. Sharoon plays an active role as the director of several educational institutes and is also a board member of the Media One television channel.

Armed with a Masters in Automotive Engineering from the University of Sussex and an MBA from Imperial College, London, Sharoon brings multi-disciplinary learning and a global outlook to every initiative. Beyond business, Sharoon is a strong believer in giving back to the community. He has facilitated access to healthcare and education for disadvantaged families and students in India.
Achal Raina is CEO of Sands Infinit. In a career spanning over 27 years, Achal has held senior leadership positions with organisations such as DLF, Unitech, Vipul, Emaar MGF, M3M and Lotus Greens. He has successfully launched and managed project cycles of their landmark projects in Delhi/NCR.

His vast knowledge, deep understanding of the business and best practices, help bring value to every project Sands Infinit undertakes. His strengths are varied - while he focuses on sales and marketing, his experience as CEO and Managing Director for various real estate firms has made him a source of valuable learning in areas like design development, strategy, business planning, project planning and execution.
The architectural mastermind behind Sands Infinit is RSP Design Consultants (India), a premier Indian design consultancy and an associate company of RSP Singapore, one of the largest and most reputed design, planning and engineering practices of South East Asia.

RSP draws upon its extensive international exposure to exploit the inherent economic and design potentials of each project and deliver holistic, value-added, timeless, contextual, eco-sensitive solutions. Being at the forefront of innovation and pioneering designs across India, the company has to its credit the design of many large and prestigious projects that include IT parks, SEZs, business parks, mixed-use townships, residential enclaves, hospitals, hotels, shopping malls, and industrial parks.
CBRE will bring its operational and project management expertise to the Sands Infinit project. The first international real estate services firm to set up an office in India, CBRE has operations in over 30 cities in India.

CBRE provides clients with a wide range of real estate solutions, including agency services, asset services, brokerage services, capital markets, project management, strategic consulting and valuations/appraisals. The company's guiding principle is to provide clients with tactical and strategic solutions that make real estate holdings more productive and economically efficient.
LIMITLESS possibilities
Sands Infra Build is a new-age global infrastructure company and is a part of the Sands Group, a conglomerate that has business interests in construction, retail, food and beverages, information and communications technology, manufacturing, and distribution across the Middle East and India.

Headed by the multi-faceted entrepreneur Sharoon Shamsuddin, Sands Infra Build is currently focused on next-generation business spaces, and is developing a 4.2 million sq. ft. IT/ITeS park on a 12.74-acre land inside the prestigious SmartCity Kochi. The first phase of the project, Sands Infinit, will house global business corporations and innovative startups. In addition to Sands Infinit, the company is planning to develop 8 – 10 million sq. ft. of both residential and commercial spaces in Dubai, Pune, Bengaluru and Kochi.
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